Qi Gong seminar in Amsterdam, 14 and 15 march, 2016

Great opportunity to meet and spend time to practice the wise teachings of Master Tao.

Qi Gong seminar in Amsterdam, 14 and 15 march, 2016

We will go deeper in de the method of pouring QI in our Bodys with the Lift QI Up and Pour Qi down methode.

The presented method is simple and easy to learn. It is effective in preventing infectious deseases, enhancing immune

system, disease curing as well as enhancing body and mind functioning. It is also very good for liver, kidney and spleen.

This methos it is suitable for those who lead a hectic life but want to reduce stress and improve their body and mind by

spending only a short time in qigong exercise every day.

Beginners as well as those who have practiced qigong before are welcome!

Course length: 2 sessions in 2 days

First day: 14 march session time: 12:30p.m. – 18 p.m

Second day: 15 march session time: 16.30 – 20.30

For those who are interested to join or want to know more details, please contact 0650966309 or by e-mail bepranic@gmail.com www.bepranic.org

Address: Rigdzin Community Nederland TIBETAN BUDDHIST DHARMA CENTER Middenweg 22 1097 BN Amsterdam

Course Fee: 85 euro for 2 sessions – 42.5 euro for one session Early booking until 31 january 2017: 80 euro 2 sessions – 40 one session

Laboratorium of Lift Qi Up and Pour Qi down methode, will be available in de Temple, Rigdzin Community Nederland, during the monday classes, with Barbara Pastorini. All people that looks like to understand the methode before the Tachings of the Master. are welcome to this sessions on 20, 27 February and 6 March. Cost 15 euro pp

Do not miss this occasion learn and practice together with Master Tao, therefore set up your early agenda of 2017 and see you in the temple. Haola!

Geplaatst op dinsdag 17 januari 2017.

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