Qi Gong in 2017

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Qi Gong in 2017

Dear Qi Gong lovers,

I hope you all had a great start of 2017!

As this year is full of new creative energy and motivation. It will be a year of listening to a listen; we are able to hear what is around us, but we can also have more ear to listen and observe our physical body and energetic. We pledge to the improvement from the levels of the body, mind and energy, Haola!

2017 is a year to renew and restore and therefore I create this program for you: The Monday's classes did start again, you are all welcome at Rigdzin Community Nederland TIBETAN BUDDHIST DHARMA CENTER, Middenweg 22 1097 BN Amsterdam, from 18.35 and the class will start at 19.

The costs are 15 euro per persoon, if you cannot effort this amount, please contact me!

On the monday classes we will study how to feel Qi in our bodies, to improve harmonius balance the phisical aspect as well the energetic one and least but not less the emotional level.

We will go deep in the level Lift Qi up Pour Qi down, methode that helps to improve our Qi level in our bodies and will help to naurish deep inside.

For any particular deseases please contact me, we can schadule some hours before the classes, so that we can privetly appoach any partical case

If the monday not suites you, we can schadule maybe a private lessons, so please not hesitate to contact me.

Get prepared for the Next Workshop in March.

Master Tao will be lead 2 days classes.

First day: 14 march session time: 12:30p.m. – 18 p.m

Second day: 15 march session time: 16.30 – 20.30

Course Fee: 85 euro for 2 sessions – 42.5 euro for one session Early booking until 31 january 2017: 80 euro 2 sessions – 40 one session

Beginners are as well welcome!

Special treatments:

Is possible you feel that you are not fit anought for the qi gong classes, if this is the case you can do the following things:

or you just joy the classes and you know that you can find in any time a confortable position as is permitted to follow lied down or sitting or stanting.

Or maybe you are looking for a special energetic treatment, thanks to the qi gong and pranic helaing I can start a program with you in order to bring the balance back and relese the stress.

For those who are interested to join or want to receive more details, please contact 0650966309 or by e-mail bepranic@gmail.com www.bepranic.org

Geplaatst op dinsdag 17 januari 2017.

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